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Providing Design, Construction and Environmental Solutions in Greater China and Asia

Our roots go back to the 1890s when my great uncle, sailing back to Hong Kong from Australia after the gold rush, met an architect on board who was impressed by his rudimentary English and his knowledge of picks & shovels; he was invited to be his building contractor." - Peter Lam, Group President

From these simple roots, the Lam Construction Group has grown into a developer, engineering contractor and environmental services provider.

Lam Construction Services :

As a Group C infrastructure contractor with the HKSAR Government, Lam Construction have successfully completed road infrastructure projects, marine construction works and water supply solutions both in the private and public sectors

As building contractors in the private sector, Lam have successfully delivered residential, commercial and transportation projects both in Hong Kong and since 1994 in PRC, as Lam China

Lam Geotechnics Limited :

Lam Geotechnics Limited specializes in geotechnical engineering. Its field of services include marine & land site investigations, geotechnical & structural instrumentation, and field testing specialist. As a Group II and Registered Group investigation Field Work (GIFW) Contractor with the HKSAR Government, Lam has successfully completed significant investigation projects in both the public and private sectors in the marine and land environments, in Hone Kong and Asia.

Lam Environmental Services :

Lam Environmental Services and its affiliated companies are active in the solid waste and water treatment sectors.

Lam Environmental Services aims to meet customer expectation by delivering focused and professional services on time and within budget.

Lam Environmental Services and its affiliated companies are represented in Hong Kong and the PRC.






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